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Comment Headings (Flash)

Enable easy navigation of code using GIANT comments made up of block characters

Kohana: Default controller for serving static pages

Save development time by routing un-routable content to default views

Kohana FileSystem helper

A robust helper to handle everything file and folder-related within Kohana

"List" struct

Easily create associative array-like structures in 3dsmax

Time Stamper – Meshops.attach() Case Study

Overview In response to a post on CG Talk, Optimization ideas needed, a few other developers and I us pitched in to help out with ideas to solve a puzzling problem. The issue was that a loop to attach 7500 objects was taking up to 8 minutes to complete. Where did the problem lie? Was […]

Transform Presets

Save and restore transformations as presets to objects such as cameras, IK handles, etc.

Particle Visualizer and Papervision3D Exporter

A script to visualize particle motion and export particle and camera data to Flash's Papervision 3D

Time Stamper

A struct to make light work of timing tasks, benchmarking, etc

Progress Bar Updater

A struct to simply and easily update a progress bar by providing just start and end values, and calling update()

UI Manager

Save and load rollout settings, such as size, position, control states, items, etc to a preferences file