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"List" struct

Easily create associative array-like structures in 3dsmax

Transform Presets

Save and restore transformations as presets to objects such as cameras, IK handles, etc.

Particle Visualizer and Papervision3D Exporter

A script to visualize particle motion and export particle and camera data to Flash's Papervision 3D

Time Stamper

A struct to make light work of timing tasks, benchmarking, etc

Progress Bar Updater

A struct to simply and easily update a progress bar by providing just start and end values, and calling update()

UI Manager

Save and load rollout settings, such as size, position, control states, items, etc to a preferences file

Network-Render all Cameras

Automatically submit all cameras to a network render, rendering the correct frames, and save the output to the correct directories

ActiveX TreeView Functions

A set of functions for manipulating ActiveX Treeviews

Copy Object Properties

A quad-menu shortcut to quickly copy properties from another object

Render Size Presets

A dockable toolbar providing controls to quickly render different sized images