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Transform Presets

Save and restore transformations as presets to objects such as cameras, IK handles, etc.

Particle Visualizer and Papervision3D Exporter

A script to visualize particle motion and export particle and camera data to Flash's Papervision 3D

After Effects Tracker

Export 3dsmax objects' tracking data (4-corner pin, 2 point track, position) directly to After Effects

Camera Animator

Animates a master camera thourgh a series of locked-off shots, and user-defined times

Path Controller 2

A scripted controller setup that allows you to animate the distance along a path in real-world units

Filter Trackbar Keys

Show only specific keys / tracks on the trackbar

Animated Surface Align

Stick one animated object to the animated surface of another, maintaining orientation in 3 axis

Scripted Look-at Controller

A 1-dimensional look-at; useful for trees, billboards, etc.