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Spherical Spline

Create a perfect sphere using just one spline

Open all groups

Recursively set all groups open or closed.

After Effects Tracker

Export 3dsmax objects' tracking data (4-corner pin, 2 point track, position) directly to After Effects

Collapse and Replace

Collapse multiple objects into one mesh, preserving materials, and optionally replace a single target object.

Viewport Layout Manager

Adds a toolbar that allows you to swap between viewport layouts on the fly, remembering settings per viewport between layouts.

Camera Animator

Animates a master camera thourgh a series of locked-off shots, and user-defined times

MultiMaterial Propogator

Creates a multimaterial from a folder of bitmaps, based on a template material

Simple Credits

Creates sequential text objects. Useful for credits, etc.

Open Most-recent File

Opens the most recent file, be it an autobackup or a saved file

Get Unmapped Objects

Selects all objects without proper mapping co-ordinates