HTML Interface

MaxHtml provides methods to run max commands from an ActiveX HTML page. Also, provides simple methods to write back to the page.

Example uses:

  • Run MaxScript commands as part of a help system
  • Build a custom UI using HTML / JavaScript

It's form is a struct (function library) in conjunction with a JavaScript library. It is designed for programmers to use within their scripts.

Demo UI


This is just a base set of functions. I may add more at some point.

parseUrl Parse and run the max command from the web page
addMaxLink Add a MaxScript link to the web page
addHtmlLink Add a normal HTML link to the web page
setBgColor Set the background color of the page to the max UI color



  • Include maxHtml.js in your HTML
  • Construct your HTML links correctly, e.g. <a href="javascript:maxCmd('render()')">render</a>


  • Include in your MaxScript
  • Set up the ActiveX browser control to display your html page
  • Use the control’s BeforeNavigate2 event to intercept the links in the web page
  • Pass the url along to the maxHtml struct like so: maxHtml.parseUrl url

Explore the demo to see how things work. Be sure to change the path in the top of the file to point to towards the html demo file!



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