Viewport Layout Manager


Adds a toolbar that allows you to swap between viewport layouts on the fly, remembering settings per viewport between layouts (and optionally, sessions).

Example uses:

  • use one layout for setup or modelling, and another for animation
  • Store camera views in each layout
  • Wireframe / shaded layouts


Rollover ui to see the options…


  • Change viewport layout on the fly
  • Remembers individual viewport settings across layouts
  • Save layout sets, eg per task (modelling, animation), per scene, or per project

Stores and retrieves – per view

  • View type / named camera
  • Perspective view's viewpoint
  • Shading mode
  • Safe frame
  • Grid state
  • Bg image
  • Bg display
  • Active viewport


  • Quick background image on / off
  • Reset layout / all layouts
  • Save / load settings to file
  • Auto-dock to top or bottom
  • Auto-start with max
  • Clear settings on startup

Download & Installation

Download Viewport Layout Manager

Run the .ms file once and it will install Views-ViewportLayoutManager.mcr to the 3dsmax/UI/MacroScripts directory, and install the new toolbar automatically.

Bugs and Feedback

Leave comments below 🙂


  1. Kimmo Laine

    Hi! Great little script!

    I have found one bug though: if i try to open it when my viewport is maximized, Max crashes.

    Mt env: Win XP 32 bit + MAX 2008.


  2. Dave Stewart

    Hi Kimmo,
    I'll check it out, and if so will upload a fix.
    Thanks for spotting!

  3. Adrian

    Hi amazing tool really needed in max!
    but im getting the the same problem and the post before
    When I have a scene open im max and then i click the button to make the manager pop up it makes max hang but when i load the manager with ans empty scene it works fine is there a way to make it auto start up and load when max starts? and remember its tool bar position

  4. Dave Stewart

    Ahh… I really hardly do any max work these days. The code is pretty clean. Feel free to go through and see where the offending code lies. I think this must be a "latest version of max" issue, as this never used to happen (sorry!)

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