Komodo AutoCode


The AutoCode extension adds some extra functionality to Komodo IDE, that makes it easier to write (and test) code. Its features include:


Places integration:

  • Enter paths to files by ALT+clicking the places panel
  • Set up snippets to inject blocks of language-specific code, e.g.
    • HTML: image or script tags
    • PHP: include()
    • CSS: background-image or font
    • JavaScript: new Image()s
  • A range of variables to insert relative paths, absolute paths, folder paths, etc
  • Save and use custom variables (i.e. root paths) per project
  • Image widths & heights detected and inserted

DocComment generation:

  • Supports PHP, JavaScript and ActionScript based on file extension
  • Supports PHPDoc and JSDoc styles
  • Supports fixed and auto-sizing columns
  • Guesses parameter types from optional parameters
  • Allows custom DocComments
  • Multi or single line comments for variables depending on TAB or RETURN being pressed

Tab-complete on abbreviations:

  • Press Tab to enter full code from Snippets

JavaScript console functionality:

  • Execute the contents of the entire editor, or just the selection
  • Great for re-evaluating extension code, or testing arbitrary JavaScript
  • trace(), inspect(), and clear() commands allow you to inspect current values
  • No need for the file to be saved


AutoCode is written in JavaScript and distributed as a Komodo extension, using the Mozilla framework.



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