Hello, I’m a creative developer from London, UK.

I’ve spent the last 15 years working for world’s leading companies and brands, in both creative and technical roles, whilst making continued Open Source contributions to various projects, frameworks, software and platforms, and undertaking numerous self-launched projects.

This site is for my technical and Open Source work, as opposed to my professional portfolio, which you can find at davestewart.co.uk.

I work mainly with HTML/JavaScript, PHP and ActionScript, though I use or have used a pretty healthy amount of languages, frameworks and markups. Whilst learning new technologies does take some commitment when you’re busy, I’m certainly proactive in this area.

When it comes to client work I prefer short to medium-term contracts and campaigns, erring towards the more experimental interaction and data-heavy jobs. Recursive structures, frameworks, Regular Expressions and text-processing play towards my strengths.

I thrive on joining the creative and technical dots, and especially the cross-pollination of techniques or technologies. I’m also a stickler for detail – I simply don’t see the point in making something “good” when a little extra inspiration, research and effort will push something over into “great”.

I tend to split my time around 50/50 with client work, and my own projects. Tooling has always been a major passion of mine, whether it’s releasing plugins, building on top of a framework like WordPress or Kohana, or creating something entirely from scratch like xJSFL or Processr.

For more information or to contact me about anything else, please do get in contact.