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GSAP Scene Manager

JavaScript framework to enable easy set-up and management of "story-style" animations

Open Source Project Map

London Tube map inspired exploration of all open source and personal projects

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  • double-o_object model
  • double-o_separation
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  • double-o_lifecycle
  • double-o_models
  • double-o_template-main
  • double-o_template-partial
  • double-o_debugging
  • double-o_glitter


MVC theme framework for Wordpress

jQuery HashSync

Provides functionality to synchronise page content with the current URL hash

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  • processr-01
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  • processr-12


Text & data manipulation, generation and editing for programmers & visualisers

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  • xjsfl-screen-08
  • xjsfl-screen-09
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An open source JSFL framework for creating tools for the Adobe Flash authoring environment

Excel Data Exporter

Excel add-in to manage, export, and combine data to a variety of programmer-friendly formats

Komodo AutoCode

Adds some extra functionality to Komodo IDE, that makes it easier to write code

Outlook Rules Manager

Outlook add-on to bulk-manage adding and removing parameters to Outlook Rules sets

Kohana AutoView

Maps method-less URLs to corresponding views