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Extract project libraries to their own git repositories

Safely extract functionality from projects into their own repositories using some simple Git commands.

WordPress Flexible Configuration

Flexible array-based configuration for WordPress sites that need to run on a variety of hosts simultaneously

  • double-o_title
  • double-o_theme folder
  • double-o_object model
  • double-o_separation
  • double-o_loading
  • double-o_lifecycle
  • double-o_models
  • double-o_template-main
  • double-o_template-partial
  • double-o_debugging
  • double-o_glitter


MVC theme framework for Wordpress

Kohana HTML Table

Powerful library to build HTML table elements from database results

Kohana Mailer

Powerful HTML to email module that takes the pain out of emailing

Kohana Librarian

Enables the grouping of related classes under subfolders for easier management and autoloading

Kohana Downloader

A zip-and-download helper for directories

Kohana Stats

Developer-centric module that records and displays benchmark results


Easily convert PHP to HTML then Redmine wiki format

Kohana FileSystem helper

A robust helper to handle everything file and folder-related within Kohana