I'm a creative developer from London, UK, with a passion for ideas, process + tooling.

I've been releasing Open Source code for the last 13 years, for a wide variety of applications and frameworks, as well as launching my own stand-alone projects.

You can find out a little more about me here, or get in touch if you fancy a chat.


Spherical Spline

Create a perfect sphere using just one spline

Komodo AutoCode

Adds some extra functionality to Komodo IDE, that makes it easier to write code

Kohana Nav

A complete package to automatically configure, build and style all kinds of menus and site navigation

jQuery Hierarchy

jQuery plugin to manage and filter a hierarchy of elements

jQuery Populate

Populate a form or an element's child elements using a JSON object.

Particle Visualizer and Papervision3D Exporter

A script to visualize particle motion and export particle and camera data to Flash's Papervision 3D

Kohana AutoView

Maps method-less URLs to corresponding views


MVC theme framework for Wordpress


An open source JSFL framework for creating tools for the Adobe Flash authoring environment

Excel Data Exporter

Excel add-in to manage, export, and combine data to a variety of programmer-friendly formats

jQuery HashSync

Provides functionality to synchronise page content with the current URL hash

After Effects Tracker

Export 3dsmax objects' tracking data (4-corner pin, 2 point track, position) directly to After Effects

GSAP Scene Manager

JavaScript framework to enable easy set-up and management of "story-style" animations


Text & data manipulation, generation and editing for programmers & visualisers

jQuery Deconstructed

Visual and interactive deconstruction of the internal code of JavaScript libraries, including jQuery and Prototype.

Outlook Rules Manager

Outlook add-on to bulk-manage adding and removing parameters to Outlook Rules sets

Open Source Project Map

London Tube map inspired exploration of all open source and personal projects