I'm a creative developer from London, UK, with a passion for ideas, process + tooling.

I've been releasing Open Source code for the last 13 years, for a wide variety of applications and frameworks, as well as launching my own stand-alone projects.

You can find out a little more about me here, or get in touch if you fancy a chat.


jQuery Deconstructed

Visual and interactive deconstruction of the internal code of JavaScript libraries, including jQuery and Prototype.

Komodo AutoCode

Adds some extra functionality to Komodo IDE, that makes it easier to write code

Particle Visualizer and Papervision3D Exporter

A script to visualize particle motion and export particle and camera data to Flash's Papervision 3D

jQuery HashSync

Provides functionality to synchronise page content with the current URL hash

Outlook Rules Manager

Outlook add-on to bulk-manage adding and removing parameters to Outlook Rules sets

jQuery Hierarchy

jQuery plugin to manage and filter a hierarchy of elements


Text & data manipulation, generation and editing for programmers & visualisers

Kohana AutoView

Maps method-less URLs to corresponding views

After Effects Tracker

Export 3dsmax objects' tracking data (4-corner pin, 2 point track, position) directly to After Effects

GSAP Scene Manager

JavaScript framework to enable easy set-up and management of "story-style" animations

Open Source Project Map

London Tube map inspired exploration of all open source and personal projects

jQuery Populate

Populate a form or an element's child elements using a JSON object.

Spherical Spline

Create a perfect sphere using just one spline

Kohana Nav

A complete package to automatically configure, build and style all kinds of menus and site navigation

Excel Data Exporter

Excel add-in to manage, export, and combine data to a variety of programmer-friendly formats


MVC theme framework for Wordpress


An open source JSFL framework for creating tools for the Adobe Flash authoring environment