Archive for2007

XML / XSLT site management tool

1-click login to all your site logins, databases, password-protected pages, memberships, ftp areas etc.

Network-Render all Cameras

Automatically submit all cameras to a network render, rendering the correct frames, and save the output to the correct directories

ActiveX TreeView Functions

A set of functions for manipulating ActiveX Treeviews

Copy Object Properties

A quad-menu shortcut to quickly copy properties from another object

Render Size Presets

A dockable toolbar providing controls to quickly render different sized images

Multimaterial From Folder

Create a set of multimaterials from a folder of textures

Soft Instance

Instance an object leaving certain properties un-instanced. Useful to create families of objects with variations upon a theme

Random Multimaterial

Creates families of slightly-random multimaterials

MindManager Web Site Creator

A powerful VB application that allows me to export a MindManager mindmap to a fully-featured, templated web site


Use your mouse to play a variation on the classic arcade game 'Snake'!