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2013 | Dave Stewart IO

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Open Source Project Map

London Tube map inspired exploration of all open source and personal projects

  • double-o_title
  • double-o_theme folder
  • double-o_object model
  • double-o_separation
  • double-o_loading
  • double-o_lifecycle
  • double-o_models
  • double-o_template-main
  • double-o_template-partial
  • double-o_debugging
  • double-o_glitter


MVC theme framework for Wordpress

jQuery Log

Logs properties and debugging information about the current jQuery collection

jQuery Placeholder

Provides HTML5 placeholder functionality for IE9 and below

jQuery HashSync

Provides functionality to synchronise page content with the current URL hash

  • processr-00
  • processr-01
  • processr-02
  • processr-03
  • processr-04
  • processr-05
  • processr-06
  • processr-07
  • processr-08
  • processr-09
  • processr-10
  • processr-11
  • processr-12


Text & data manipulation, generation and editing for programmers & visualisers