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FlashDevelop setup

Set up FlashDevelop to a production-ready state. Also links to downloadable

GSAP Scene Manager

JavaScript framework to enable easy set-up and management of "story-style" animations

WordPress Flexible Configuration

Flexible array-based configuration for WordPress sites that need to run on a variety of hosts simultaneously

Comment Headings (HTML5)

Online tool to create large ASCII-style comments within your source code

GSAP Controller

Animation controller for the GreenSock Animation Platform

Project structuring

Overview One of the most important things when starting a project is deciding on a decent folder structure. Decisions made at the start have a big impact on how maintainable your project is in the long run, with bad initial choices having hideous consequences for even tiny decisions later on. After years of refining my […]

jQuery ThreeSixty

Mobile-ready, 360-degree image preview plugin