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Multimaterial From Folder

Create a set of multimaterials from a folder of textures

Soft Instance

Instance an object leaving certain properties un-instanced. Useful to create families of objects with variations upon a theme

Random Multimaterial

Creates families of slightly-random multimaterials


Use your mouse to play a variation on the classic arcade game 'Snake'!

Hide Objects According to Visibility

Make objects properly "invisible" in the viewports when their visibility is 0

Text LOD

Toggle the geometry of a text object with a bitmap for lightening-quick viewport updates

Spline Tools

Tools for easily editing the in and out tangents of a spline shape

Copy Hierarchy Names

Copies names from one hierarchy to another, replacing text such as 'left' to 'right'


Auto-zooms the display to the selected object

Show Last-hidden

Unhide geometry in the order it was hidden