Render Size Presets

Adds a new toolbar, allowing you to quickly change render size presets (PAL, PAL widescreen, HDTV, etc), and sizes ranging from full to 25%. Also, optionally render when clicking the preset buttons.


Adding more presets

To add more presets to the list, you'll have to edit the script. Don't worry – it's pretty easy! Just add items to the array here.

local presets =
		#("PAL", 768, 576, 1),
		#("PAL (Widescreen)", 1024, 576, 1),
		#("HDTV", 1920, 1080, 1)
		-- feel free to add more here

Download and installation

Download renderSizePresets, and place the file in your scripts/startup directory to have it start automatically each time you start 3dsmax.

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